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An Eye Opening Review On The Binary Option Robot


It is right said that trading in binary options is a lot of fun and excitement, however as much as it seems to be all inviting; it is definitely not an easy task to make a guaranteed profit. It may seem that most people are making a lot of money by trading with these options. It is true that they are making money but most of these successful traders have taken the help of this robot to make their dreams come true. The Binary Option Robot – the light in the darkness, a Robot that makes your dreams of becoming rich become true and too really fast.

This platform that is available for all US traders is a new, exciting way to trade with binary options. It is designed with the intention to create a platform that is based on a highly sophisticated algorithm that works for you 24/7 and helps you generate high returns on your investments.

In a world where people don’t have time and yet want to be completely in-charge of their business, this robot offers some fantastic news: they are completely automated. There are many robots in the market that promise to be automated but after a detailed study we have found out that these brokers are the only ones that can get as close to 100% automated as any other robot.

So, even if you do not have the time to trade and are busy with more important things to do at work or home, this Robot is busy making the money for you and making your life real comfortable. Thus, the trader does not have to online at all times watching the happenings of the market. Once the trader has inserted its commands, the robot happily obliges and places the most profitable trades for you.


Secondly, people are apprehensive about designing their own portfolio on their own terms and conditions. This robot gives you a great platform to choose from and build your own portfolio that suits your needs and requirements. They do not try to fit their clients in a box, rather they help in whatever way that they can to ensure that the client gets the highest payout on their investments.

Lastly, this robot is famous and holds a reputation to give its customers a payout ratio of more than 85%. As much as it may all seem unreal, the truth is that they are many people who have gained great success with this robot and have testified about the same. We have taken many reports into consideration and are glad to conclude that their payout ratios are on an average a big 85%; this figure still stands matchless compared to many other robots in the market.

Is It A Scam Or Are The Competitors Framing Them?

There are many people who read up about the potential in the binary option trade market.

They want to go ahead and give it a try, however as they come to know of the number of scams that are prevailing these days especially in the binary options market, they become very apprehensive and completely withdraw. Well, it is true that there are many scams around the market, that is the bitter reality; but there are some good, genuine, safe, legit brokers too, who want to offer the safest and most profitable trading platforms to their clients. One of them is 24Option brokers.


After a detailed study about these brokers, we came to know that sadly there are some reports floating around the internet that claim they are a scam. We believe there could be just two reasons for such faulty reports; firstly, there are competitors who try to frame other companies that are doing very well and attracting a maximum number of traders, thereby these competitors fear losing out on clients and write false reports to protect their sales. Secondly, it could be there are some traders who have had a negative experience with the broker. This could be due to him taking wring decisions or maybe he didn’t execute the signals as displayed by the robot. Thus, because of one such negative experience, these traders wrongly title these brokers as scam. You ca read also Lie Detector Millionaire Review.

Let us take a look into how these brokers really function and what makes them so safe to deal with.

Firstly they are a licensed body and fall under the regulatory body of CySEC which is the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. They are apparently a very rigid body with some very stringent laws and rules that the companies have to comply by. Thus, one can be rest assured of their dealings as they are accountable to CySEC to safeguard the interest of the trader in every way possible.

Not only do they hold a license with the CySEC, which happens to be one of the sought after bodies that binary option trading companies desire to get a license with; but they are also registered and hold a license with many other regulatory bodies across the world. These include, NCCSE (Italy), FCA (UK), FMA (Netherlands), FMA (Austria), the Czech National Bank, FFSA (Germany), CROTCFIT (RF), SSMC (Spain), FMA (New Zealand), this displays their creditworthiness. How can they be a scam, if so many regulatory bodies are overlooking their dealings and they have to follow all their rules and regulations?

In the end, we would like to conclude, that there is no real, concrete information that can certainly claim these brokers to be a scam. There is some random information that is based on personal bias and experience about these brokers which call them as scam. However, the truth is that they are not a scam. They have been sadly framed as one though. Let us not be misled by the heaps of information that is available on the internet. It is good to study, analyse and understand carefully and then take decisions. Choosing a good broker is like winning half the battle in this field and thus be careful. 24Options are a safe bet and have time and again proven it to the world.


Banc De Binary: Trade Like An Expert

Banc de Binary is a famous name amongst the top brokers in the field of trading with binary options.


If you have been browsing the internet, searching for a safe and legit broker whom you can entrust your precious money with; then you would have certainly come across their name. They have set a benchmark for themselves as one of the best brokers in the world and it does seem as though the competitors are finding it hard to catch up to their level of excellence.

Even if you are totally new to the concept of this trade; you may have probably just heard of the hidden potential in this trade and want to give it a try then you can sure trust them. They are kind to all their clients; however, they are super kind to the newbie’s. They do not want any person who wishes to trade with binary options to feel disappointed. They offer services that make a novice feel confident of learning the tricks of the trade in a matter of a few days and soon assist him in mastering the art of trading like an expert.

Their customer support team is exceptionally brilliant. They help the newcomers to feel at ease. It is normal for an apprentice to feel anxious in a whole world of brokers where more than half are plain scams. Thus, they make you feel confident. Then, once they know that they have gained your trust, which is not hard because you will feel a deep sense of security and safety as their team talks to you, then you can start trading with them.

The good thing about trading with them is that they simplify the entire process.

They say that binary options trade is really simple; you just need to pick from two options.


However, as easy as it may sound, it is money in the end and we all tread carefully when there is money involved. Thus, even the simple process is further broken down by the support team for the newcomers to understand. Here is some news; each trader is assigned an account manager. Imagine, a personal account manager for each one of us? These people are readily available at all time to simplify the process, show you how certain signals respond, things to be cautious of, etc. They enable the newcomer to soon understand how the market really functions. They teach them the real secret behind how signals are generated. Educating the traders is what they are really famous for. All signals generated by them are really profitable but you need to pick one that suits your need. They will also train you in how to pick the most profitable signal.

They offer their customers to avail use of the extensive library. They have some real high quality material that is available for the customers to read. They do not charge anything extra for all of this. Once, you have signed up as a member and made that initial deposit, you are welcome to come, learn, study and grow in this market by making use of the fabulous material that is available to you, at no extra cost.

Thus, the newcomers find this place as a haven. Even if you are extremely suspicious about trying them, then here is some news you wish you would have heard of before; they have a minimum amount of 1$ trade that you can trade on their platforms with. Isn’t that just plain unbelievable? They go the extra mile to ensure that you trust them because the fact of the matter is that they truly do care.

Give them as try and you will not be disappointed. They are in the business of converting newcomers to experts and it does seem like they are doing a very fine job.

Banc De Binary: The Oldest Binary Option Brokers In The World


When you want to explore the market and try different methods and strategies to become rich, you tread cautiously, because it is not a mock trading that is going to make you rich but a real investment that deals in money. It is natural to be cautious. If you have been wondering which broker should you opt for to help you trade successfully in the binary trade options then I am certainly sure that you would have come across this name Banc de Binary for often and more times.

They are one of the oldest and most reliable brokers in the binary options trade markets of the world.

One of the reasons that you can blindly trust them is because they have been in the industry for decades now and time and again have emerged as clear winners, winning the heart of many binary option traders across the globe. The only reason they have lasted so many years and not disappeared like hundred other scams is because of their sheer excellence and consistent winning performances.

We are going to take a closer look at these brokers and will help you to understand; what are some of the key features that one needs to be on the lookout for when they pick a broker for themselves.

  • They are one of the only brokers that call themselves as the full-service brokers. They meet the needs of the clients from end to end regarding the trading process. At no point in time during the trading, process is the broker left out to think what he or she is going to do next.
  • Their customer support team is one of the finest in the world of binary options trade. From handling your queries and concerns about starting an account to helping you make the best decision regarding your investments, they offer nothing but the best advice to ensure you are a winner in all that you do.
  • One of their unique features is that each trader is assigned a personal account manager who helps them to make wise decisions every single day. Can you imagine the number of clients they have? Now, it seems impossible to understand how they have a personal account manager for each client. Well, that is the kind of service they offer which makes them a global name. These account managers are highly qualified and well trained to handle your portfolios and further enhance them within your budget and requirements. They understand that everyone has a certain threshold within which one feels comfortable to trade and so they don’t push themselves but only aid the customer to reach his targets and goals.


  • There may be situations when you have called up another broker’s customer care or dropped a mail, but they have only got back to you after a week. Sometimes they still don’t come back with a clear response even after a week. A lot of brokers promise that they will be responsive but they are not. However, the case with these brokers is really different. Firstly, they have a 24/7 live chat. So, the question of dropping a mail or making a call doesn’t arise. They are there to serve you, sun or rain. Their live chat experience is one you will certainly not forget. The manner in which your concerns are handled make one feel very confident in dealing with them for future trades too.
  • They have become a global brand and so today they have clients from over 80 countries. That number stands as a testimony to their superior quality service that they provide their clients. To ensure that people around the world are able to communicate without any hindrance with their customer support team; they now have customer support offered in more than 16 different languages. So be it Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French, etc. they have understood that some traders feel more comfortable and confident in talking in their national language and to honour that concern, they have a team to speak to them in their own respective language. This is how their name continues to grow and establish itself all over the world.
  • There is always a sense of security a trader has when they know that their brokers are licensed. That is but natural to feel that way. Banc de Binary is one of the first brokers to have obtained a license as a binary option trade broker in the EU. They are regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. They are a strict body with tight rules and regulations that brokers need to comply by. It is not easy to be regulated by them as they are very particular and sometimes extremely stringent in their dealings with brokers as their primary goal is to safeguard the interest of the trader. Thus, the good news to all the traders is that they are in safe hands. They cannot cheat you as they stand accountable for all their dealings. They have to keep the interest of the trader in mind at all times, only then would they be able to conduct business.
  • There is more good news for newbie’s or traders who have been trading with other brokers; they offer a free demo account. And to add to it; a 100% bonus is also offered to new comers. Thus they give traders time to explore their potential in binary option trade and experience their service as brokers to help them make the most profitable decisions. Only once they are confident, they can continue else can withdraw at any time.
  • To start trading on the demo account, the trader needs to deposit a small deposit. This initial deposit is very low compared to the other brokers in the market today. Start trading and experience it for yourself.

Banc de Binary is one of the oldest and safest brokers to this day and continues to strive to offer the finest services to their clients every single day.